Bloom Co. Ltd's Mission statement

Our mission is to deliver lawful and safe cosmetics through
(1) Cosmetic import replacement services
(2) Quality control services (GQP/GVP)
(3) Conduct specifications on cosmetic components


We acquired the "Cosmetic Import License" in the year of 1994 and was appointed by the HEalth Minister on January 2004 as the componential analysis testing institution. Today, we at Bloom import are known for our representative services of components analysis.

Our success story lies in our belief in providing Bloom import representative service that meet the needs of business to be responsible manufacturers and retailers in the competitive market of Japanese cosmetic industry.

Promotion of Compliances

In recent years, there are often cases where businesses may lose their customers due to their lack of their company's reliability to provide safety measures. The revision of Pharmaceutical Affairs Act constitutes that to all cosmetic produce should indicate any positive or negative listings to inform the general public to make appropriate choices in the market.

Corporate responsibility and Quality policy

As a corporate responsibility, we are committed to provide our customers as well as to the consumers with continuous improvement on our
analysis techniques to ensure the better quality means to purchase and use cosmetic.