Company details
Address : 1901-457, Hamasaki, Hamatama, Karatsu-city, Saga, JAPAN
Representative name :

Shinji Yamasaki

TEL/FAX : TEL : +81-955-70-4701  FAX : +81-955-70-4711
Product line :

Oversea brand cosmetic;
basic skin care such as cream, milk, lotion.
Make up cosmetic such as lip rouge, mascara, Solid soap, perfume

E-Mail :
Address : 1F Tensho Bldg., 2-4-15 Minami-aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL/FAX : TEL : +81-3-6271-4816 FAX : +81-3-6271-4817
Our Services
1. Analysis and Testing of Cosmetics
(1) "Regulation Analysis"
  Package Analysis Service of Products in Accordance with Pharmaceutical Law
(2) "Select Analysis"
  Analysis of Specified Components of the Product
(3) Microbe Testing, Stability Testing, Safety Testing, Fragrance Analysis, Others
2."Total System"
  Cosmetic Import/Export Management Service under Japanese Pharmaceutical Law
Corporate Overview
1. Institutions of which we are Members
 CTFA, Cosmetic Importers Association of Japan, West-Japan Cosmetic Industry Association
2. Official Clearance and Official Registration
 M.H.L.W. Registration of: Physical and Chemical Testing Institution, Import and Trade
Licenses of Cosmetics, the Cosmetics Manufacturing Licenses
3. Company Outline
 Capital: 190 million yen, Employees: 32, Established Oct.2.1991
4. Business description
 Physical and Chemical Testing of Cosmetics, Import/Export Management of Cosmetics