There are several merit points for Bloom to represent your cosmetic products.
We provide the facilities and systems that are often difficult to be found in larger cities and off many services such as:

1) Quality Control

・We are an institution for analysis for product components
・We have the pharmacentical license to import
・We also have the license to packaging/labeling

We have our managing staffs who would monitor your information and to ensure meticulous quality control of your products
Our analysis laboratory (BSL) and our very own warehouses (Bloom Logistics - 3 hubs) are located in the same area with a site area of 30,000 square meters.
These are important factors to take note of, because with our facilities,you can be rest assured that we are able to produce quality analysis of your cosmetic products and to provide you with the necessary information needed to expedite your import of cosmetics into Japan.

2) Quick and Reliable Logistics

a. Fukuoka/Hakata port is located in the West of Japan. Virtually, the port has the fastest cargo in the whole of Japan. Especially if there is a need to have your cargo shipped into Korea, it is the best location.

b. Our port has the reputation to ensure smooth operations of disseminating cargos across the country.
c. Our operations are approximately 50km away from Fukuoka airport and Hakata port, and there is very little chance to experience delays by traffic jams.

At Bloom Logistics, storage facilities are only designated for our customers and we will perform clearance by OLT. Compared with discharging of cargo from Kanto/Kansai, Bloom only takes 1 day to discharge them.


3) Affordable Costs

a. With our operations located closed to each other, we will not force any needless costs to our customers.

b. As compared to Kato/Kansai。 'discharging of cargo, Bloom。' shipping may cost slightly more, but the overall expanses are reduced.
Safety, quality requested by market

All products cleared under Blooms quality control standards have an added value for quality and safety that other products cannot exceed.
Similarly, it is also important to note that products, which have good quality control, will also receive good evaluation from wholesale dealers
and customers.


a. Bloom guarantees quality together with government supervisions to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our performances.
b. At Blooms, we are also able to introduce general merchandise trader or wholesale agents (brick-and-mortar shop/netshop).